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June 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

Ever since I did the blog every day for a month challenge (Nablopomo) I get their emails encouraging me to continue to blog every day for a month with a specific theme. This month, the suggested theme is Home. Well, it couldn´t have come at a more appropriate time. I am home right now. The place where I was born and where I grew up. The only city in the world that has the house I lived in the longest. The only house we owned while we all lived in it; with the only address I can still rattle off; the only phone number I still remember by heart; and now I find out being here that it´s the only home I find regardless of a 10+ year absence, a very changed neighborhood. The twists and turns are the same. I can still find my way home. I don´t bother taking a picture of it because it´s disgusting. It´s been a liquor store, a corner store, and who knows what else for ages. It looks nothing like the memories I have of it. I´d rather retain the memories and let the new owners continue to destroy the physicality of the place.

So, I´m home. Now what? I´m not staying. I´m not making this memory land my home. So, why come here? It´s like a pilgrimage. This is where I find peace of mind. Even amidst the craziness of the country, I rest. I don´t worry about things happening that are not pleasant. It´s kind of continuum concepty. You assume all will be well. When something goes wrong you call it a fluke. The weirdest thing that´s happened to you. Well, at least I do.

I´m practically 7 months pregnant now and the emotions are flying. I´m ready to make our actual home a home for baby 2.0. It´s time. And my legs don´t have any more room for thirsty mosquitoes.



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  • susan says:

    What a wonderful entry. continuum concepty is a really interesting phrase! I love that you choose to remember your home when it was your home and not how it is today. Keep those memories safe!

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