It’s hot… I’m pregnant

June 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just can’t wait until it’s warm and snuggly weather. Even though we’re not getting super high temps, we do get some muggy air coming through, which is felt more by the pregnant women in our community. I’m ready to get rid of these pregnant clothes (I’ve got some friends that may surprise me with a second pregnancy) and bring back clothes that are meant for one person (not one + growing baby). I am very excited to meet this little one growing inside of me and see what all the kicking and punching is all about. Is this tender herb going to rock our worlds? Most likely. It’s not that I’m eager to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes; I actually don’t know how much I’ll use them. Living here in Vermont, I’ll come off as one of the state legislation workers or someone from Montreal (which might be cool if my French were better). Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are for work, though I haven’t looked at them since 2005.

Now that’s a wild though. I have only been using maternity clothes since 2005. Y’know. You’re postpartum and you know you’ll feel more comfortable in maternity clothes… months go on and you still don’t want to buy anything because you figure your body is changing so much, why bother? Anyway. I’m not gonna go on with this thought because I’m enjoying this pregnancy and want to be in it and not day dream about a time when I’m not in it- I’ll do that another day. 😉

I do like warm and snuggly weather, though. And now with the sticky days we’re having I can’t stand much cuddling… especially by my heater-husband. Poor guy. If he wants to get close, he has to conform to a 2-second rule. Remember, it feels hotter in my body than it does in everyone else’s- unless they’re also in their third trimester. Talk about poor planning. Ha!

I made one of my last purchases at the store I work at, as I’m quitting at the end of July. It’s this cute top by chiara kruza. It’s a chic maternity top that, for my use, will turn into a nursing top once the baby is born.

Enough rambling. I’ve gotta go feed my two growing babies. More news on our purging project for room #2 coming soon. (Bilingual papi moved two of the bookshelves downstairs this weekend… it’s happening.)


New diaper

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The fabric for this diaper (they really are chili peppers) was given to me by my mum who was purging some of her scraps. The inside is the same fabric I used on the other red diaper (with the flannel on the inside). You may notice that the thread for each side coordinates with that side. So, on the inside is the red (bobbin) thread and on the outside is an orange (spool) thread. This may sound nerdy, but I’m thrilled I figured this out.

I’m thinking that the diapers I’ve just made should be sized as small/newborn. But I don’t know how long they would fit a newborn so I can’t really give a range. However, now that I’ve got a kid, I know that the sizes on diapers and clothes mean very little. You usually figure out what size works for your kid and go with it. I did, however, put some 9 month shorts on bilingual baby (without a diaper on) and as she walked they were falling off. Lucky for her, her grandma sends her shorts and pants with those nifty adjustable waists so they fit her lengthwise and we can put them on her with or without a diaper. Otherwise, she ends up wearing 3-6 month pants that look like high waters. hehe

Made more yoghurt last night. Stop buying store yoghurt and make your own. It’s really soooo tasty!!

pregnancy update, braxton-hicks and 2 more months of it

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I have to say nothing could have prepared me for the nights I’ve been having. Yowza! Last night, for instance, I woke up to help bilingual baby get to the toilet and then back to sleep only to find that my body was not going to go to sleep. For the following two hours I got to enjoy nature at its best and brightest. Braxton-Hicks? Yeah. Times ten. Well, not really painful-times-ten, but rather annoying. It’s like your growing belly all of a sudden resembles the cast iron skillet you cook in every day. Plus, other discomforts I’m not comfortable sharing here.

I didn’t have Braxton-Hicks last time! (can you hear me whine!?!)

So, I called my midwife (who we’re seeing again on Monday) to get the “it’s totally normal” assurance. And that’s what I got. She said it’s my second-time-around-pregnant-body doing its version of Braxton Hicks. She remembers her second pregnancy went similar to mine. Tons of these uncomfortable B-H for more than 2 months and then in the last couple of weeks getting them. All. The. Time.

Well, I’ve got more sleepless nights to come… and then I’ll have a baby and more sleepless nights. It’s fun to be a parent. We get our new bed(s) in two weeks! I’m thinking two twins (pushed together like a king) may not be enough. Bilingual papi needs a futon on the floor to sleep on… no joke. He usually ends up on the floor anyway. Might as well make it a tad more comfortable. Such a trooper.

I’m lucky he hasn’t requested a separate bed for our little bear. A return to two in a bed- one being him. Thanks bilingual papi.

Diaper pictures!

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Here are my first two diapers:

… and I’ve got one more that’s almost ready to photograph. I just need some sewing time to finish it up and early morning ain’t the time. One of the things I want to work on is details. It just dawned on me that I could have a different color thread on the top and the bottom. That’ll become evident in the next diaper pictures.

Sewing diapers

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I have to say that I’ve been really scared to try to sew my own diapers and I did try to wing it by myself, with a tutorial that was okay… but I needed some more help and way more pictures (and later I’ll reveal the notions I could probably use in future). Eventually, I found this tutorial and I’ve got to highly recommend it.

Pictures of diapers to come, no doubt.

By the way, why does my sewing machine have to be in the warmest room of the house? Why on the second floor? And why haven’t I just moved it downstairs? (See previous post re: decision making)


June 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

We just went to our first (of two) private (fancy, huh) sessions of hypnobirthing. We heard about this woman from my midwife and she comes highly recommended. I see now why. She is a hypno therapist who also works with pregnant women. It’s not the “hypnobirthing” stuff from the Mongan book, which I own. But it’s very close. They just use slightly different terms for the same thing. I’m finding with self-hypnosis (which is what hypnobirthing is all about) can be really effective when you find the wording that really works for you.

I can’t go into a whole lot of detail about what we talked about at our session or how it went when practicing and doing self-hypnosis with the instructor because… well, it’s a little personal. I’m just amazed that the things that were tripping me up were the things that came up and not what I thought would come up. Okay. That may not make any sense. Basically, I figured out (through one of the visualizations) that there were very specific things that could trip me up during my labor this time. Things that didn’t bother me with my first labor. So there you go.

I’ve been thinking that a second pregnancy, labor and post-partum can totally help mend, clarify and resolve things from the first. But this time, I don’t intend on leaving things unattended. (How vague can one post be!) One of the things our hypnosis instructor was talking about is that the ability to turn to logic and decision making is all in the conscious mind. Interestingly, I couldn’t be logical or make any decisions during my labor. That’s a good thing because that means that I was not letting my brain do any of my body’s work. Postpartum I still felt like I couldn’t make decisions easily. Now that I know that, I can share that with our postpartum doula who can be aware that I may not be able to answer simple questions regarding choice of tea, for instance. I may, on the other hand, not go through that… but it’s helping me understand the postpartum period a lot more.

Anyway, I’m already entering into this inability to make decisions so “what’s for dinner?” is not an question option. Nor is, “what should bilingual baby eat?”, or “would you like soup or salad?” Most likely, if I can’t access my ability for decision making, I give my rote response. So what if I don’t try any new menu items for the last couple of months… so what if I eat lentils every day for lunch… so what if I keep ordering hot beverages at the coffee shop when it’s 80 degrees out and anything over 55 makes me sweat… 67 days to go, more or less…


June 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

I can now say that I’ve finally made home made yoghurt! It took 3 tries but it’s made. And it tastes soooo good. It’s unflavored and still tastes like it has more flavor than the store bought (organic, even!) plain yoghurt I usually buy. From now on, I don’t think I’ll buy store-bought anymore. It’s really that good. Plus, it’s not hard at all.

I won’t go into how or much less why the first two attempts failed. I’m just here to say that if you’ve had a hard time making yoghurt you may still be able to. Be patient and give it another go. Oh. And call my friend, J, who will hold your hand through the entire process. Step by step she talked me through it and I’ve got lovely tasting yoghurt. It also has a beautiful texture.

Yay! to home made yoghurt! We’re making spicey lentils and will add some of my yoghurt as a topping. Yum.

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