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May 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

I know I´ve been absent lately. I´ve got a very good reason. I´ve been getting ready for travel and am currently blogging from my homeland; my home city of Cali. It´s warm and humid and noisy and wonderful. I don´t eat quite what I used to eat so what I´ve tried food-wise has been very limited. But it´s a choice, right? Not complaining, just reporting.

We were at the Librería Nacional at the Centro Comercial (Mall) Palmetto (a new one since my last visit) and were looking for some books in Spanish for the kids. We found a couple of translations from the French Kididoc series that I can´t find on amazon. One is about children of the world while the other is about music. They´re intricate pop-up books that promise a lot of fun. Sorry my description is so weak.

The true find was a translation of a book that I had read about in Mothering Magazine, titled Welcome Baby (also known as Hello Baby; translated to Hola Bebé). This book from Australia tells the story of a family having a home birth. It shows the head coming out of the mother and the placenta lying in a bowl. Two features that I think are very cool for a children´s book. Especially a book that a child of a home birthing family will read.

We also picked up a book of translated short stories by Raymond Carver. It should serve our bilingual book club well.

That´s it for now.



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