Phasing-in organics: Part I

May 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how far I want to take our entry into the organic world. It’s expensive… but I keep finding myself reading reports that talk about the amount of pesticides and other chemicals that are used on fruits, veggies and especially cotton. It’s amazing and depressing. It’s not quite a “keep my baby safe” thing. I know there are battles I can’t possibly fight- but I also feel like every little bit that I can do to keep toxins a little further will help. There are a lot of chemicals and toxins that I will never be able to keep my family from but it seems obvious that there are routes I can take to lessen exposure. This computer I’m on is emitting who knows what… and don’t even bring up our wireless router. It’s all emitting stuff… and nobody knows the potential long-term effect of all of this. We’re just blissfully blogging, emailing and ordering online. Well, we are, at least. Sometimes I do turn off the router and sometimes I don’t. With that I’m not consistent. There are other avenues where I try to be more consistent in making my little effort. For instance, food. That’s probably the first thing that we started going organic on. There are a number of fruits and veggies that absorb way more pesticides than others, so we buy those organic. Other things like bananas and mangoes, to name a few, we buy conventionally grown.

Another effort we’ve started is our family earth hour. Most nights, around sundown, we avoid using lights (and most electricity) for an hour. It usually coincides with dinner and bath time/bed time. It’s a real relaxer for bilingual baby. The artificial lights sometimes wind her up so having candles or no/little lighting (as the sun sets) is a nice gentle way to remind her body that it’s nearing bed time. She also enjoys having the candles lit and it’s a nice relaxer for all of us. It helps us slow down. Our daily earth hour started after the yearly earth hour. I started using candles at night when bilingual papi was at work late and little by little we added earth hour days to the week. Now, we’re pretty accustomed to it and do it almost without thinking- much like we used to turn on the lights the second the sun edged toward the horizon.

I’m also happy to report that with all the warmth in the last month or so, I’ve enjoyed hanging the diaper laundry to dry outside in the sun. One of the perks is that the sun bleaches and removes foul odors the wash couldn’t manage. And, of course, the avoidance of the dryer is the enviro-perk we all know about. We have also been using reusable bags for every trip to the grocery store (and sometimes we remember them for other stores, too)- that took some time to really get the hang of.

Before I get to what has been on my mind I want to preface it by saying that I’m not trying to be boastful. I’m really being sincere in my efforts and telling you about our successes is not my way of saying that I’m better than you are or more conscientious. This is all really new to us and I hope that what we’re trying will be more of a reach out in solidarity than anything. We’re all in this together and we’re all learning from each other. The moment we place ourselves above anyone based on our life choices (I am a hippie, I know) we have lost sight of how connected we are. Honestly, though, we could all use a reminder (obviously, I mean I could use a reminder) of what’s going on in the world so to better balance out our world view.

… to be continued tomorrow…


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