my first sweater!… for myself.

May 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

About 5 years ago, I started knitting a sweater (does this sound familiar to any knitters out there?) and just last week I finished it. One of the reasons why I couldn’t work on it was that I was the creator of the pattern. In other words, I didn’t have a pattern and I was just kinda winging it as I went. Also, the yarn is silk denim (I don’t really know what that means… cotton?) and is a bear to knit with. Since I started knitting it so long ago, the measurements are for a pre-pregnant Leila. A me who had not been through labor, had nursed nor was pregnant again. Regardless, it still kinda works. It works because where my waist was back when I designed the sweater you now find pure belly. It’s short enough that it won’t look like I’m trying too hard to wear a sweater that doesn’t fit (although I can tell) and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use it after my childbearing years. Here’s the sweater. Notice that the collar is very wide. For this, I added a clasp I got at JoAnn’s. Seems to work just fine.

I’d be happy to share the pattern I came up with for anyone who wants it- I just haven’t come up with other sizes besides the one I made. The final measurements are 38″ around (that’s both fronts plus the back) and 17″ length (shoulder to bottom edge). You could even install a zipper, but since baby 2.0 didn’t want me to I didn’t bother.

I’m so excited about this being my first original sweater. It’s the first successful sweater I’ve made for myself! And I’ve been knitting for 8 years. Yikes. I started out with scarves- as you should, then moved on to hats (in the round), then socks, then cooler scarves. Finally, I wanted to make sweaters but I thought I should knit baby sweaters to get an idea for the construction and all that before hitting adult sweaterland. I did make an adult sweater but I ended up giving to a good friend. I also recall making a cute tank top but also gave it away, as it didn’t turn out to look very nice on me. It looked beautiful on her! Time went on and more and more babies were born and more and more sweaters were knit for them. When I had bilingual baby, I slowed down considerably on the sweater making… until now. I owe a couple of friends’ babies hand made sweaters, but that’ll come. I did mention I’ve got a ton of new babies to knit for… and with my own on the way I can’t help but want to knit solely for baby 2.0- which reminds me. I need to get off the computer.

Scratch this sweater off my list. I should admit (though I know I’m not obligated to) that I am making another fit-for-pregnancy-and-beyond knit garment. Something that I’ve been meaning to do with this yarn for a while. Well, I’m not putting it off.

Off to knit.


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