Doll Sling

April 29, 2008 § 4 Comments

There she is with her doll sling. I made it just last night after she fell asleep. It took no time at all. You just measure, fold and cut. Sew one seam and if you’re like me you’re done. I could have done more, like add french seams but I left it this way as a tester. I wanted to make sure it worked and she liked it before getting more involved. The curved seam didn’t turn out very curved but that’s okay. Bilingual baby’s bear won’t mind. Now, she’s playing (I mean, getting things done) while wearing her bear. I’m waiting for her to want to nurse while babywearing. It’s the only logical next step.

Note: I did make the sling a little big for bilingual baby cos I figured she’d want to use for a while and she’s not carrying any major weight so it would be okay. Looks like it’s working.

Thanks, Nancy, for your help!


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