Glass bottles!

April 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

If you haven’t heard, glass bottles are gaining a foothold once again. With all the fears of toxins in plastic bottles glass is resurfacing as a safe way to feed your baby. What’s amazing to me is that there are a ton of stores that still carry bottles that are known to contain bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate. It’s a moral issue- those stores should stop selling them!

Back to your safe option: Glass. Those of us having kids now were (and who are at least in our 30’s) know that if we were bottle fed, our mothers most likely used glass. If not, check with grandmothers. They’ll swear by the simplicity of glass.

But won’t glass break?

Yes. It will if not encased in something.

The store I work at just got in a shipment of glass bottles with the label siliskin on them. It’s an Evenflo classic nurser glass bottle with a silicone cover. Brilliant! One of the store owners has put it to the test and actually threw one against a wall. It didn’t break. 😉 Here’s a dad who’s reviewed the siliskin. He’s got a good point. He says, when there are options for going the glass bottle route, why even bother with plastic at all. One of the comments on the entry suggested using a pimento jar for an older kid to drink from instead of getting them plastic ware. Ingenious!

Another option in glass is the Weego glass bottles- which also have a silicone sleeve. Their bottles are 9oz. which is way too much bottle for an infant but eventually will be needed. Their site says that they’re working on a smaller bottle- which will benefit their sales, I think. Customers come in liking the glass Weego bottles but complain that it’s just too much bottle.

I must add that an infant will not be throwing a glass bottle on the ground, so I wouldn’t worry too much if all you’ve gotten (or are gifted) are glass bottles without these silicone sleeves.


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  • Nancy says:

    Whole foods carries a brand of bottle called Born Free, they are plastic but the good plastic?

    We’ve never even had a bottle in the house, actually. I have started occasionally using paper diapers, though, much to my chagrin. We do practice EC and catch a goodly number of outputs, so maybe that slightly makes up for my use of paper dipes…

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