Thank you, Baby 2.0

April 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

My midwife was suggesting that I listen to see what this baby is saying to me. In a way, she says that it helps moms to connect with their unborn babies and gives them a glimpse of what they may be like on the outside. I haven’t really been paying that much attention- until recently. The other day, it really dawned on me that baby 2.0 has been helping me to say very calm. I realized this because someone made a comment to me that, in my last pregnancy and/or postpartum I would have reacted really badly to. In the recent past, I would have also been much more defensive and let my blood boil in me.

This is why I thank baby 2.0. With all the stuff I hear that I don’t agree with or that could potentially make me feel like I’m not a good mom (due to my own insecurities) I’m dealing nicely. It’s great. So, according to my midwife, this would be the baby’s way of telling me that she’s that calm of a person.

(Note: We will love this baby even if she’s rowdy and ill-tempered. LOL out loud [Monk reference])


§ One Response to Thank you, Baby 2.0

  • susan says:

    Now I appreciate the Monk reference … actually sounds like me! I’m glad that calmness is coming from your baby … that soothes us all!
    love you,

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