…I was going to say something

April 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Another “perk” of being pregnant is that I can’t remember much of what I mean to say. Time is no factor. I could be mid-sentence and completely forget what I was saying or it could happen that I keep meaning to say/do something and plum forget.

Blogging has become an outlet for very little these days. I keep meaning to write something but once I get to the computer I’ve totally forgotten what it was I was so excited to write about. I can keep to “nice day” and “yeah, she’s active” and be safe but all in all I’d like to go a little further in this blog than that.

Until I can remember to keep a pen and paper nearby for when I think of the things I want to blog about, here’s a list of things we did today, in no order, at all:

We walked.

Bilingual baby and papi ran around together.

I talked to an old college friend.

We ate out.

It was fun. (That reminds me of my days working in elementary schools.)


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