Doll Sling

April 29, 2008 § 4 Comments

There she is with her doll sling. I made it just last night after she fell asleep. It took no time at all. You just measure, fold and cut. Sew one seam and if you’re like me you’re done. I could have done more, like add french seams but I left it this way as a tester. I wanted to make sure it worked and she liked it before getting more involved. The curved seam didn’t turn out very curved but that’s okay. Bilingual baby’s bear won’t mind. Now, she’s playing (I mean, getting things done) while wearing her bear. I’m waiting for her to want to nurse while babywearing. It’s the only logical next step.

Note: I did make the sling a little big for bilingual baby cos I figured she’d want to use for a while and she’s not carrying any major weight so it would be okay. Looks like it’s working.

Thanks, Nancy, for your help!


It’s Spring!

April 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

And time for a new header. Bilingual baby’s beady little eyes will only haunt you in your dreams from now on. It’s on to some fun in the sun! Hope you enjoy the new header.

If you haven’t already, enter to win in my giveaway!


April 28, 2008 § 3 Comments

I was one of the lucky winners of Isil‘s PIF give away and now I’m ready to have my own. By the way, she was nice enough to send me this traditional metal hand cranked music box, breastfeeding stickers and a bookmark. It’s been a while since it arrived and I hadn’t said my online thank-you! Bilingual baby just loves it!

So, now I’d like to announce my giveaway (and I can promise you that it won’t be the last) for this week:

What will you win?

These recon pants (they used to be a flannel receiving blanket):

They measure:

10 inches, from waist to knee (roughly 26cms)

inseam (waist to crotch): 8.5 inches (or 21cms)

8.5 (that didn’t make sense) 17 inches waist, when fully stretched (a little over 3cms 43cms) where was my brain.

They’d be great for a baby (with a cloth diaper on, I imagine) or for a thin toddler (without a cloth diaper on). Oh. And there is no front or back; they are both the same.

What do you have to do?

1. Leave a comment about … whatever (suggestion: What brought you to this blog?)

2. Wait patiently and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Saturday, May 3rd.

I’ll be randomly selecting the winner from the comments. One comment per person. Not limited to U.S. residents only. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Sampler Pregnancy

April 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

I feel like this pregnancy has been offering me a sampler of what you can feel and get while making a baby. I had more morning sickness; I actually have had cravings; I had a leg cramp that nearly incapacitated me; had heartburn (yeah, I think it’s gone); and am having a hard time sleeping (but not to the extent I can imagine it getting). I’ll be curious to see what other ailments visit me before the appearance of this little kid.

What things ailed you when you were pregnant? (This way when they happen to me I won’t feel alone.)

EC starting up again

April 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s been a long winter and if you’ve been keeping up with bilingual baby you know it’s been a time of growth for all of us. With bilingual baby’s hunger attacks all day and all night now long gone (or so it seems, but it really just ended after we got back from California) she’s giving signs again that she’d rather use the toilet (her little potty, that is) than her diaper. I’ve even gone back to using the ec pants (split crotch) and the tiny undies I made for her… and even leave her diaper free a couple hours during the day.

I had heard that this might happen: after a long “potty pause” they come back to ec’ing. We’re still not back full-time but we’re also edging further and further from full-time diapering. I just bought her one pair of undies to see how I like the cut on her. They’re from Under the Nile, who offers organic Egyptian cotton clothing and I just have to say I love what they make… so far. We’ll see how these undies work out. As I mentioned, I did make some tiny undies for bilingual baby a while back and I’ll probably go back to making them myself but the next pair are going to have to be organic cotton. After buying this new pair for $8, buying a couple of yards of organic cotton at over $10 a yard (and sometimes well over that) doesn’t seem too bad.

First, I need to prioritize my projects:

1. Keep making baby.

2. For Pete’s sake, finish that sweater you started almost 4 years ago.

3. Finish the knit pants you started to make- they just need to be sewn together!

4. Work on a knitting pattern for a light sweater- maybe a shrug-type thingy.

5. Make the outfits for bilingual baby and baby 2.0 you intended to make with the fabric you’ve already bought!

6. Choose yarn and start knitting up a sweater for baby 2.0’s first winter.

7. Open an Etsy store.

Glass bottles!

April 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

If you haven’t heard, glass bottles are gaining a foothold once again. With all the fears of toxins in plastic bottles glass is resurfacing as a safe way to feed your baby. What’s amazing to me is that there are a ton of stores that still carry bottles that are known to contain bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate. It’s a moral issue- those stores should stop selling them!

Back to your safe option: Glass. Those of us having kids now were (and who are at least in our 30’s) know that if we were bottle fed, our mothers most likely used glass. If not, check with grandmothers. They’ll swear by the simplicity of glass.

But won’t glass break?

Yes. It will if not encased in something.

The store I work at just got in a shipment of glass bottles with the label siliskin on them. It’s an Evenflo classic nurser glass bottle with a silicone cover. Brilliant! One of the store owners has put it to the test and actually threw one against a wall. It didn’t break. 😉 Here’s a dad who’s reviewed the siliskin. He’s got a good point. He says, when there are options for going the glass bottle route, why even bother with plastic at all. One of the comments on the entry suggested using a pimento jar for an older kid to drink from instead of getting them plastic ware. Ingenious!

Another option in glass is the Weego glass bottles- which also have a silicone sleeve. Their bottles are 9oz. which is way too much bottle for an infant but eventually will be needed. Their site says that they’re working on a smaller bottle- which will benefit their sales, I think. Customers come in liking the glass Weego bottles but complain that it’s just too much bottle.

I must add that an infant will not be throwing a glass bottle on the ground, so I wouldn’t worry too much if all you’ve gotten (or are gifted) are glass bottles without these silicone sleeves.

He left me!

April 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

This morning bilingual baby cried when bilingual papi left for work. She watched as he got his things together and warmed up the car. She was eager to put her shoes, sweater and hat on. All of a sudden, he drove away. She stared in disbelief. And she started to wail. Her cry seemed to say, “He left me!” She turned to me and sobbed as if she was asking me, “Why would he leave me?”

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