Earth Hour

March 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last night we turned off the lights from 8-9 pm to participate in Earth Hour. It was nice to sit there with my parents without electrical distractions. We said some prayers and then ate popcorn and chatted. It was so quiet. So. nice.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in Earth Hour, there’s always next year. You can also participate every day with Earth Hour Every Day. It’s simple. Turn off the lights for one hour a day (or a year if you’re not ready for the daily route). Unplug yourself from the electrical world.

I admit that we were checking our watches to see how much time was left in our hour without lights. I’m sure if we got used to doing this everyday we might not be checking our watches.

What did you do during the hour? Or, if you didn’t get to participate this time around, what could you do to pass the time during your hour without lights?


signing with a toddler

March 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve mentioned before that using ASL with bilingual baby has been picking up speed and she signs a handful of words. What’s beginning to frustrate her (and sometimes me) is that she doesn’t have enough signs to match her growing desires. For instance, she’ll sign “more” which usually means “food” when she is bored and wants a change in action. It becomes obvious she’s not hungry because she’ll refuse everything I offer. It might be useful for her to know words like “cook” or “walk” or “sew” since those are the things that she enjoys doing. (The sewing is more of a pretend sewing but she seems to get a kick out of it.)

Sometimes, especially when she’s tired, she signs a couple of words in a row- more (food), water, hat, for instance- which tells me she’s ready for a bath and bed. But she really is outgrowing those first signs she learned and is ready for more.

I’m even wondering if she’s feeling growing pains in the middle of the night. Every very hungry caterpillar has to sacrifice its shell in order to make its transformation. Bilingual baby has been waking up asking for food but doesn’t want any anymore. She just cries and cries and cries. At first she doesn’t want me near her. Then, she lets me hold and rock her. Finally, she’ll nurse and fall asleep but only after repeating the crying cycle again a couple of times. If only the darkened room were a better place to show her what the “hurt” sign is- but that’s me assuming that she’s hurting. I guess all I can go on is intuition and that’s what my gut is telling me. We’ll see what develops.

Walking the levee

March 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

My dad, bilingual baby and I went for a walk today. They’ve really elongated it quite a bit and it was really nice to be able to walk outdoors without heavy coats, boots, yaktrax and extra caution. We probably walked 3 miles. My complaint is with the umbrella stroller I borrowed from my sister. Man, that thing assumes my arms are longer than they are! You gotta be super short (I’m just about the most average person you’ll meet) or you have to have monkey arms to accommodate the height of the stroller. I’ve heard there are strollers that have adjustable handles but this one wasn’t one of those (I don’t think). By the end of the walk I realized my back had been hunched over just enough to notice. Using the Ergo, my posture is pretty great so it was arguably less comfortable to push the stroller around. On the flip side it was nice to push bilingual baby instead of having to carry her the whole way- the Ergo was sitting in my suitcase.

There was a point when she didn’t want to be in the stroller but she also didn’t want to walk. After some hugs, she asked to go back into the stroller and we made it back home. Phew. Problem averted.

It was warm enough today during our walk for me to be in just a tank top. Meanwhile, bilingual papi was urging an inch of snow off the car in order to leave for work. It’ll be sad to leave my family again as well as assume the winter position but winter can’t be around forever. When I get home I’ll be staring at the pictures we have of our back yard from the summer- it’s all. so. green.

Happy Birthday, Bilingual Papi!

March 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

The day has come when bilingual papi joins me in the ranks of 30 year olds. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his birthday here where everyone gets a little celebration. So, happy birthday, papi. Sapo verde, amor mio. Que los cumplas feliz aunque no estemos ahi.

** By the way, this should have appeared in the morning feeds.

Down Stairs

March 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Bilingual baby has been trying to gather up the courage to go down the stairs. For a long time she’s only gone up so this is definitely new. Here at my parents house they have a normal set of stairs and a second set which leads you into the family room. There are about 5 steps total which turned out to be a great trial for bilingual baby. She went up and then sat down and started putting her feet on the lower step and sliding her bum to meet her feet. She repeated these steps until she was at the last stair. She was so happy with herself. I was excited for her, too. She’s seen other kids at home practicing going down our staircase but she’s never really tried it. A couple of times she’d sit down in the middle of the staircase and look up at me, ask for my hands and continue with assistance. You can imagine then how fun it was to watch my kid accomplishing a task after she’s been (thinking and) working really hard at it. Yay!

I’ve heard that when a kid is getting ready to accomplish a big task or are moving toward a developmental stage in their life they get really cranky and become harder to understand and to please. That has definitely been the case for our mountaineer. She’ll probably keep working on this skill for a while until she’s mastered it.

If you need me I’ll be on the stairs.

Getting better

March 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

It was bound to happen. Bilingual baby is on the mend. How do I know? She’s finally exploring their cabinetry. Gotta love un-childproofed homes. She finds all sorts of things. Last night, she took out a bunch of the bottles and boxes from the food pantry. I’m still soaking up the warm weather and loving the fact that the diapers dry so quickly in the sun. They sure did need some fresh air.

So, as far as my little contest to guess what bilingual baby had… I’ll have to guess it was the flu. She’s still a little shy in this new environment but she’s getting more confident.

Gotta eat!

Falling asleep

March 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

I’ve been falling asleep with bilingual baby at bedtime, waking up a couple of hours later, doing my teeth and going to bed. Sometimes I end up checking email and blogging before the teeth cleaning, too. Tonight concluded a particularly restful day. I got acupuncture! It was so nice. I was so nervous that bilingual baby, in her 15 month clingy-ness, was going to get as upset as she did the last time I tried to get acupuncture and cry the whole time. The traumatic part for me last time was that I could hear her scream.

But this time was different. Bilingual baby was falling asleep in the car as we got off the freeway so I slipped out and Nona kept on driving. At one point she looked back and she saw the big eyes wide open seemingly unaware that mama wasn’t in the car anymore. They even managed to get out of the car and go to a toy store. Nona wanted to get her a baby lawn chair but bilingual baby wanted nothing to do with the chair. She did call out “mama” several times but didn’t lose it or scream like last time so all was well.

While that was going on, I was getting my pulses checked, tiny little needles inserted into a few points along my body both to help me balance out after having the flu and to bring my scattered energy into harmony. This wasn’t just any ole’ acupuncturist I was going to, though. I’ve been going to her for the last 8 years. After finding Darlena and falling in love with her, I got my family hooked on her, too. Not only that, I ended up recommending her to a woman bilingual baby and I met at the airport on our way out here one time. (The woman went to Darlena and absolutely loved her, too.) I don’t think Darlena’s the only good acupuncturist out there but she’s pretty darn special. Plus, it’s just nice when a caregiver loves you AND loves what they do.

Darlena, knowing me and the way my pulses get out of whack, laughed when she took my pulses saying that they were great for having had the flu just last week. She laughed because she thought they’d be farther from center than they were. We then further marveled at the strength of the pregnant body. (I really did get through the flu in about 3 days!) She also told me that a pregnant body’s pulses are, if you can imagine, like putting a pearl in a shell and letting it go in circles.

She also gave me a pediatric tincture for bilingual baby to get her body back to full strength.

I did a google search for Darlena. Here’s what I found. It’s her bio basically. She’s not at her Center for Five Seasons address anymore and the second book was published already (and in my collection) so it’s not up to date but cool to find.

Me and my pulses are going to blissfully do my teeth and slip into bed next to bilingual baby to fall asleep. Again. What a great way to start off the week. Tomorrow promises more fun as we get to see two friends, one a Colombian friend of childhood with a 6-month old and the other one pregnant with her first- two very sweet people.

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