Another baby gown

February 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

I love using gowns with babies. I got hooked with my nephew (but had to make sure I didn’t call the thing a “dress” because my brother-in-law would get mad… so I’d do it anyway. it was a hoot) and when bilingual baby was born I had to have the gowns. Now that she’s older, we actually put her in a long, long-sleeve night shirt, size 2T (but quite fitted), so that middle of the night diaper changes are a snap. It was a gift from her grandmother on her birthday so it’s also super special.

Anywho, I’m going to keep up the gowns, even if this baby is a boy because it just makes everything a little bit easier. And on days I really need things to go as smoothly as possible, if I don’t have to try to get an entire leg (let alone two) out of some cute jammies (which I still will do ‘cos pjs now are just so darling!) I think I’ll sleep better at night.

Here is a new (but made from a second hand store women’s blouse) baby gown for baby 2.0


Again, one of the nice things about using a old top is that the edges are finished and your work is cut in half (at least). This is a good thing as bilingual baby will play in the room for enough time for me to sew one seam (or pin and sew) but not much more than that.

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