What bilingual baby is learning…without being taught anything

January 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

I thought I should write something to help our family and friends stay abreast of what bilingual baby is doing these days, which on a whole is related to what she’s learning. This post is meant half in jest but also (mostly) based on my feelings toward learning. It also increases my tolerance when I can step back and try to figure out what bilingual baby is trying to figure out. First, I will describe what I think she’s learning followed by a concrete example.

1. Elements of the Conservation of matter, most specifically fluid dynamics.

She takes her sippy cup, drinks from it, then pours some water into a container. Most of the time she has taken one of the mixing bowls from the kitchen cabinet, poured water in it, then put blocks or other hard toys in the bowl. She then mixes it together with a spoon, takes out the toys and pours out the water. She’s always very interested in the water itself. After it has hit the rug, she runs her hands through the water looking to see if it has changed at all. She then repeats this process. She seems to get that the water is not absorbed by the objects in the bowl and it doesn’t just disappear. Things we take for granted. Other things she has tested with water: My leg, my sweater, the floor (a lot), a cookie sheet and a wooden chair.

2. Kinesics- or the study of body language

This seems obvious since bilingual baby is nonverbal. She is communicating in ways that are easier for others to notice, too. This is related to her use of ASL signs. Currently, she signs when she notices hats, cats, monkeys, flowers (in pictures), dogs, and fish.

3. Vocalizing

She’s learning more sounds all the time and while I’m not into the early verbal development stuff, I found this and if you click on the different “samples” you’ll be hearing what bilingual baby basically sounds like these days. By the way, I believe that children learn to walk, talk, read, etc at their own pace and there’s too much stress on these stages of development. Basically, I hope this will not be a concern of mine.
These are just a couple of things I thought I’d jot down as a window into our home.



§ 2 Responses to What bilingual baby is learning…without being taught anything

  • susan says:

    I love the window into the learning process, especially the water. What about a big sponge, or a cup full of dirt … aha! My kids, who are now mostly older than you loved to do “experiements” with water. In fact, I still find a cup of tea with a bag in it that has been stuck in a closet or a corner for some great length of time … full of odd things growing in it. I think it is a carryover from those early days. My granddaughter now likes to put something in a bowl of water and wait until the next morning to see if it changed … she just turned 3 … Water, somehow, is the essence of learning. Thanks for this great insight.

  • Bilingual Papi says:

    i just wish we had more monkeys for her to look at

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