Meeting with the midwives

January 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

Bilingual baby and I went to meet with our two midwives. Just to clear up the plurality, at a home birth with midwives you have a midwife and her assistant. The assistant is always a midwife in training- after studying they have to attend so many births before being licensed (although it’s different in every state). Lucky us, the assistant midwife has over 20 years of attending births, but as a doula. Becoming a midwife was just the obvious next step.

Okay. Now that I hope that’s cleared up, I’ll continue with the meeting I had with them. I got to the midwife assistant’s home and after all the greetings we sat down and started talking. We all sat on the floor, as that’s the best way to be around bilingual baby. She’d go up to either midwife and look into her face and smile, sit on their laps, give them hugs and want to write with their pens. One of the midwives got out this huge desk calendar and bilingual baby went to town trying to scribble on it. The other midwife drew circles and animals for bilingual baby.

We went through some paperwork, I went through my list of things I wanted to ask them (related to my pregnancy), one of the midwives felt my belly and took my blood pressure, and we just talked. It was very relaxed. I didn’t get the feeling like they were eager to kick me out and stick with the clinical stuff. The questions I had were treated with respect. They did comment that they were glad I had a list- so many pregnant moms go into their prenatal visits saying, “I had a ton of things to ask you but I’ve forgotten them”. So, I like to be prepared.

What were my questions about?  I’ll share a couple:
How long can I babywear? They said, as long as you want to. That is, I do have to tune in and if I feel any discomfort I have to stop. I don’t wear bilingual baby as much as I used to, but she doesn’t walk in snow…. so….

Why am I feeling some cramping? In second and subsequent pregnancies, cramping is one of the many new sensations you may feel as your body is a little more “eager” to do what it knows how to do. They also suggested that I increase my water intake. Go figure.

We also talked about stuff that I’m “in” still, so to speak, so I’m not ready to share.

I was asked if I was planning on breastfeeding through my pregnancy (yes) and whether I’m planning on tandem nursing (currently, yes). I’m going to take this one day at a time because there’s no way to know how bilingual baby or I will be feeling toward breastfeeding and while I know from others’ experience that tandem nursing works for many, I’ll just have to be open and see.

Do you know of any tandem nursers (the act of continuing to breastfeed the older child after the baby is born)?


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