Our midwife team

January 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

We met with two midwife teams and chose to go with Erin and Katherine. I’m very pleased with our choice although any of the midwives would have been fine. Really, the midwifery model of care is just so different from what I had with Homefirst that, although we made our choice carefully, I do believe that either team would have worked out very well.

I have to say that outcome is not the only thing that I consider when I think of this pregnancy. In other words, I know this baby’s coming out and I feel we’ve chosen a team that can handle anything, should it arise. I’m talking about the journey of this pregnancy- too much hippie talk? Skip ahead to another post, I’m almost done here. It’s just that I’ve already done the stuff that I was nervous about- laboring is no mystery to me. What’s a mystery is how the next couple of months will go. So far, I can say that my body is much more sensitive than it was with my first pregnancy. I’ll try to explain this in time- but not in this post alone.

I am really looking forward to meeting with Erin and Katherine to sort through the feelings that will come up during my pregnancy with baby 2.0. I’m assuming that they won’t all be worked out but just talking them through with the women that will be there while I labor will be a great plus. Why? Because they’ll know, from our conversations, what may be holding me back and they’ll be in a great position to help me along emotionally so that I can have a great experience.

One of the things that already made them a good choice is that they helped me see that the fact that I pushed for 2 hours during my labor with bilingual baby was completely normal. I had been under the impression that 2 hours of pushing for a first time mom was a lot. Apparently, it isn’t- and especially not for a first timer (also known as a Primip or Primigravida: a woman pregnant for the first time) They were at a birth where a first time mom pushed for 5 hours. Sound like a lot? Yeah. But with the right emotional support, she might not have felt that that much time had gone by. I sure didn’t feel like I had been pushing for 2 hours. I do wish that I hadn’t felt the disappointment of those in the room but that was quickly mitigated by a quick reach down to feel bilingual baby’s head coming through! Talk about a surge of energy! I do recommend that during the pushing phase of labor. Highly recommended.

My first appointment is next week. It’s just gonna be a sit down and get to know each other visit.


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