More carriers ???

January 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

I just stumbled on this thread from MDC where a mom has money to spend (from Christmas) and wants suggestions on what carrier she should buy. I love it. She doesn’t need the carrier. She’s got a stash, loves each one for their merits but craves more babywearing gear. (It’s still consumerism though, right?)

As we were heading down to catch the train to take us to Chicago for Christmas, I realized I had left our beloved workhorse of a carrier behind. I had left it at our friends house- the friend that drove us to and from the train station. Go figure. This happened before the bad hair cut but the look and confusion were similar. I kept saying, “that’s odd that I’d leave it behind”. Then, I realized I’ve been wanting to try a ring sling for a while. It’s the carrier that I tried when bilingual baby was small and I just couldn’t get it… plus, I had the Moby and absolutely loved using it so I really didn’t need another carrier.

As we continued on our drive to catch our train, it dawned on me that perhaps this was a subconscious way of being able to buy a ring sling- with a free conscience. hehe. I had packed the Moby to loan to bilingual papi’s cousins who are having babies in January and July so we had a carrier to use on the train and until we got to the baby store in our old neighborhood that sold baby carriers. So, we got a Zolowear sling. It’s more versatile than I thought it would be. The site says you can do 6 different carries. The obvious ones are the cradle hold and a hip carry. Less obvious to me were a front carry (tummy to tummy) and a back carry! Whoa.

So, now we have (in purchased order) the Moby, the Hotsling, the Mei Tai, the Ergo and now the Zolo. Although, the Hotsling is on loan to my friend L (and she loves it!) and I just told you about loaning out the Moby. Still, if you want to see even more carriers and hear from the owners who adore them, check out the link to the MDC thread.


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