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The other night I had a mad craving for Pad Thai (I’m going to have to learn to make this… I can see another request coming soon-bilingual papi beware). This is my first craving. Ever. Well, I had another craving a couple days before that but I’m not telling. Now, I’ve got a craving for bagels and cream cheese. Most of you know that I don’t do dairy. I haven’t done dairy since 2000, more or less. I had to phase it out little by little. There is dairy EVERYWHERE. Lately, I’ve done okay with cheddar cheese but how far can I test my body? As you may have guessed, this is not me asking for the bagels and cream cheese. It’s definitely Baby 2.0

Baby 2.0 is also requesting massive doses of The Shins. So, bilingual baby and I listen to The Shins all day long. The same songs. All. Day. Long. Good thing I like them, too. Baby 2.0 is very precise about what she wants. It’s very cool to get a clear message. Oh and she doesn’t like the fact that I’m substituting apple sauce for maple syrup. On that one, I have to say, “too bad baby” because I know I’d get a sugar rush and I don’t want to do that.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be experimenting with making my own bagels. I think baby 2.0 would like that and bilingual baby will love the project- she’s very helpful. We’ll be doing the grocery shopping this weekend and I’ll have with me my list of needed ingredients. I’m so very excited. I also found a recipe online that sounds great. Check it out here.

Have you ever tried to make bagels? Any tips?

**I should mention that I am taking a couple extra probiotic caps so that my tummy doesn’t have a total core meltdown.


The days are short

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The Happiness Project posted a short internet movie titled The Years are Short I’d like to share with you. Here’s what Gretchen had to say in her post:

I hesitated to do this movie. Then I remembered all my resolutions: “Push myself,” “Try something new,” and “Enjoy the fun of failure” (well, actually, I hope that one won’t come into play).

I remembered my Secret of Adulthood: “It’s okay to ask for help.”

As always, novelty and challenge can be intimidating — but, just as the happiness researchers tell us, they give big boosts of happiness. Now that the movie is finished and out in the world, I’m very happy, even though I felt frustrated and anxious at various times along the way.

The fact is, whenever I stick to my happiness resolutions, I do make myself happier. I remind myself of that every day.

The story is a true story about something that happened to me as a parent. The title, The Years Are Short, comes from the phrase that I constantly invoke: The days are long, but the years are short.

Watch it as soon as you can.

a nap worth noting

January 30, 2008 § 4 Comments

This just happened. It’s hot off the press! I’m so exhilarated by what has just happened I can’t wait to blog about it when I’ve got more of these same experiences under my belt and can talk about it in a calm way. By the way, this may mean nothing to you.

Bilingual baby just fell asleep for a nap on the bed.

I told you it might not mean anything to you. So, you’re saying, “so what?” I’ll tell you what. I’ve been wearing down for naps since she was a newborn and more recently had to go for a walk (usually just around the block) to help her get to nap. I’d then come inside and put her in bed. Not today. Not just now. This is what happened. She was acting tired and at a certain point I thought it was time to put her in the carrier and walk around the apartment (it’s gross outside… and cold) so we went upstairs and I thought, on a whim, that I might just nurse her in bed to relax my body before wearing her down. As she nursed, her breathing got slow and rhythmic and her body slowed down. She stopped fiddling with my other breast (yeah, this happens) and all of a sudden her eyes were softly closing. She was asleep. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. I knew the day would come but I thought I’d be way more pregnant before it did.

I have to admit that I don’t expect this to happen every day from now on but I at least know that it has happened and therefore it may happen someday again. This is great.

Low water pressure

January 30, 2008 § 1 Comment

I woke up with the low hum of nausea when I heard bilingual papi shaving in the bathroom. I waited, as still as I could, until he got out and asked him to help me change bilingual baby’s wet diaper, the smell of which was making me more ill. Once his cold hands hit her warm little body and seven o’clock struck, she was awake, and stillness would have to be replaced by uprightness and the making of breakfast. I did stall. Bilingual papi got ready for work as we hung out in bed. Finally, I helped bilingual baby off the bed so she could go over to her papi. He got me some crackers to ease my body into the morning, said his goodbye’s to bilingual baby and was off.

We changed out of our pajamas and went downstairs to see what to make for breakfast. I ended up having a smoothie and bilingual baby had avocado on bread (and some smoothie). As I was getting things ready, I noticed that the water pressure was really low. I didn’t pay much mind to it as I had a really hungry bear. A little later, I got a call from our next door neighbor who was asking if we also had low water pressure. I told her we did. She went on to tell me that the same thing about six months ago- right before we got here. She then said that her partner was going out to buy some water and did I want a couple gallons. I said sure. We hung up and this warm feeling overwhelmed me. On one hand, I love anything that reminds me of my childhood and yes water shortage reminds me of mine- accompanied by a power shortage. On the other hand, I like to have these sort of things pull me out of the comfort of my life where water always comes out of the tap and if I need light I can turn on the light with no doubt. And if I had a third hand, I’d also say that on that hand, I really appreciate the gesture of our neighbors.

Not long after the conversation and the warm feelings and the memories my neighbor came knocking, holding two gallons of water. I asked what I owed him and he said it was nothing. I know gallons of water are not expensive but it’s the effort, too, you know. He also suggested that I stay indoors because the driveway was an ice skating rink. I thanked him. He was on his way to work.

What should I eat for breakfast?

January 29, 2008 § 5 Comments

I know that my morning sickness is not the norm. I do get ill enough that I don’t want to eat but not enough to throw up. It’s that in the middle feeling. Ugh! Help me if you can. I have been eating pancakes, eggs, oatmeal and even beans and arepas (which I just can’t look at these days {snif snif}) but I’m tired of eating these things.

What should I eat for breakfast?

I just have to remember it’s not much longer. Just a couple weeks probably and I’ll be coasting in my second trimester… till then I don’t know what to eat.

The BIG playgroup

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Bilingual papi, baby and I met up with a friend of ours and her daughter at one of the big playgroups in town. It’s really nice to walk there- not far at all. Except that the weather was a lot colder than I had expected it to be. I don’t mean to make this post a complaint on Vermont weather because I don’t believe there’s bad weather. Just bad clothes. I wore bad clothes for the weather and felt it.

Back to the playgroup. It’s like an indoor playground with toys, slides and different kinds of tricycles. It was fun to watch bilingual baby push around one of those corn popper toys. Once she got how it worked she wouldn’t let it go. Here’s a photo to illustrate.


Knitting diaper soaker

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My mother in law gave me the Boho Baby Knits book when she came for a weekend visit (thank you!) and I can’t stop knitting and dreaming of what I’ll knit next. I did finish the diaper soaker. They are so cute. I learned how to make knit bobbles, which I only knew how to make when crocheting. The soaker is too big for bilingual baby now but she’s not gonna be shrinking any time soon so there’s always next winter.


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