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December 14, 2007 § 1 Comment

Although I LOVE paper and LOVE writing notes on paper and LOVE having little notebooks, I’m gonna make my to-do list for our trip (coming up soon!) here and potentially bore you. I also thought I’d pay an homage to the early bloggers. If it isn’t obvious to you, this post is intended to be a to-do list for me. It is not for you. Having said that, you might deduce that this blog is for myself as well.


clothes and pjs


Yak Trax


Diapers, wet bag, vinegar spray, wipes, pack diaper bag

phone chargers

shoe options

Magazines (The new Brain, Child just arrived! Perfect timing.)


Toys (yoghurt cup and cloth napkin, or something like that) and books (a few favorites)

cameras and USB

wool pad

book for under my pillow

snacks for the train for bilingual baby

teething tabs

notepad and writing utencil

small knitting project (can’t bring along a sewing machine…)

Set aside:

winter coats

winter accessories

Other to-do:

Stop mail

Change thermo settings


We’ll probably get some stuff when we get there but I’ll make that list on paper so that I can have it with me.

And, bilingual baby requested a bath at 7pm and was asleep by 8:30pm. Not to brag but it’s nice having a child who is so communicative.


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§ One Response to my to-do list

  • Megan says:

    I know what you mean.
    I love paper…books…NOTES books I just can’t have enough.
    And Holidays…and lists.
    Oh I hope you have fun.

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