Next level

December 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

It’s time to clear off the top of the television set. Bilingual baby now can climb on top of the foot stool that’s been keeping her less aware of the volume knob of the stereo. I looked over and there she was on the stool looking very excited. We celebrated with some tickling and then I watched her climb up again (without saying “good job”- I think I said, “te subiste!”). We’ll need to practice the getting off the stool part (she wanted to do a nose dive).

Now I’ll have to move things to the next level up but I don’t think we have a next level up unless we velcro things to the ceiling. We’re learning that most things can be “baby proofed” without having gates and locks. It takes a relaxed attitude toward the concept of a mess (aka, a place of learning). The things that are really not safe for her to be around aren’t in sight (and there are few). For instance, all our cleaning stuff is in the cabinet of the bathroom door that is always closed.

Then there are some things that just need revising. Last night, bilingual daddy (following my lead from another day) told bilingual baby that the small drawer on a small table in our bedroom was off limits. When I saw him tell her it was a “no” to open it up I realized all I had to do was take out the small pair of scissors and it would be an okay place for her to play. I did. She enjoyed playing with the drawer and the cards that were in it. All we needed was a changed in perspective.


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