a good book about babywearing and YakTrax

December 2, 2007 § 2 Comments

There’s a book I had been meaning to read for a while but just checked it out of the library the other day. It’s appropriately called Babywearing by Mary Blois. Not only does she detail the benefits of babywearing but she gives you a bunch of photos and instructions on how to use different carriers. Interestingly enough, she cites websites at the end of the book which I think is shortsighted since a URL could be defunct by the time you get your hands on this book. Hey, at least she’s prompting you to look it up online. Great book if you’re interested in wearing your baby for any length of time. I don’t just mean when you’re out for a walk; I mean around the house, too, for about 6 months- which is apparently optimal. Helpful instructions on a variety of carries, too. As in front, hip, back or kids carrying babies, too.

Of course, there are conversations and a lot of experience with most (if not all) carriers available on the Mothering.com forum on babywearing. Also, here’s a link to the BabyWearer site (which has, as the name indicates, a lot of helpful info on wearing a baby) that helps you choose a carrier– which can be daunting since there are so many out there. There are definitely some carriers that work better for certain people depending on taste, body type and amount of carrying. I’m the type that thinks that I could have carried bilingual baby more than I did. I got a little pressure to let her flail on the floor under a play gym. While I don’t think that she’s suffered from it, I think it would have been optimal to wear her more often than I did (and I did wear her often).

One of the things about babywearing in Vermont (even in November/early December) is the snow and ice on the ground. I wondered if my babywearing days were over thanks to the beautiful winter, but luckily a friend urged me to get YakTrax. She lives up a hill (don’t all your friends live up a hill) and it’ll be safer than going with just boots. Thus, my winter wardrobe increases. Luckily, they aren’t big or bulky. They’re like chains for your shoes. After visiting the sports store downtown, I now know that there are a bunch of these sort of things. Some even have screws on the soles- so you can strap them on to your boots. Some people use them to go jogging in the winter, let alone hiking. So, we can get out (though still carefully) and visit with friends and the winter won’t stop us… much. We are supposed to get a storm tonight through Tuesday. 6 inches? No fear, YakTrax are here!



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