phone calls, playgroups, teeth and puns

November 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

On days when I really wish I could get a hold of someone on the phone, everyone’s in a meeting or they’ve got their phone turned off or on vibrate. Today, just as I was  welcoming people into our home, the phone rang. I decided to let it ring and get it later. A couple more mamas and kids came in and the phone rang again. “Okay, let it go”, I thought. I still checked to see who it was (good news, by the way). We were getting our plates full of food and it rang again. Again?!? Three phone calls? Three different people? Who told these people I was having guests?

(It may be obvious to you by now that being a mom can feel quite isolating when you stay home. It doesn’t have to be and while it may feel like it will be in the beginning, it changes and now we get together with friends a couple of times a week, go to the library, walk around town. We can also go to our neighbors house to hang out.)

This was the second time we’ve gotten together with our kids. Six moms and six babies- only one is over a year. Bilingual baby is one of the oldest (for a change) and toddles around trying to get the moms to take her for a walk, hugs them, hugs their kids and is thankfully distracted from the pain that cutting a molar is causing. But, three phone calls! And people I’d love to have a lengthy conversation with, at that.

I guess I wouldn’t have been able to talk much anyway as bilingual baby likes to hold the phone, push buttons and then takes off with it, leaving us walking behind her trying to be heard over the speakerphone.

Oh. I’m working on a joke:

A 6 month old, a 18 month old and an 24 month old walk into a playgroup…

That’s all I’ve got. It’s already funny on so many levels (pun intentional). I did get a couple of laughs from the mamas but needing to be in the moment, the joke and it’s potential ending were lost.


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