Tiny underwear

November 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve got a little time here while bilingual baby is rearranging my yarn stash (eep) and listening to music (and playing with the records).

I’ve been reading on the big EC list about how putting an EC baby in underwear (tiny chonis) you are more aware and they are aware when they have a little tinkle. So, I’ve got bilingual baby in her first pair of handmade underwear. (Just so you know, she’s walking toward me with a size 8 knitting needle and my darning needle holder. Um, she just wet her tiny underwear… hehe). Okay. So, lesson learnt. Never assume your baby has peed “enough”. I had just taken her after her nap and 20 minutes later. Back to the baby underwear. Here’s a really cool and easy pattern to make kiddie underwear. Make some, if anything to say you did. They take up so little fabric, you could consider it a stash buster project. Of course, I also have a knit pattern for underwear but it’s just so quick to sew them.

I’m gonna review the movie Whale Rider soon…


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