November 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

There are so many gaps that are not friendly walking around during winter. You know, between pants and socks, sweaters and hats, sleeves and gloves. I’ve got it in me that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

When we moved to Chicago, bilingual papi’s mom and grandmother helped me gather necessary layers so that I’d be warm when walking around in the cold winter- add wind chill, and you’ll agree that the following items are much needed. It’s all in how you layer. I learnt that you start with a Cuddle duds (or other long underwear) then you add your shirt, a wool sweater and an overcoat, gloves, hat, etc etc. If you’ve seen me bundled up, you know I mean business. Whether it’s to pick up the mail or out for a walk around the block for fresh air, I’m gonna stay warm.

Bilingual baby has me to keep her warm when we’re out and about, as I wear her under a sweater and if she’s on my back I use the poncho I made. I am going to need more layers though. I’ve read that a baby stays warmer next to your body than in their own layers. When our daughter was a newborn, we were told that she’d thrive if we did skin to skin- in order that she didn’t use up energy trying to regulate her body temperature. I guess I’ll have to look into when a child is able to regulate body temp.

That said, I still want to do everything possible so that she can stay warm- especially when she wants to go in the snow to play. I’ve started on a couple of knitted items.

1. Neck warmer. Made of yarn I had left over from the sweater I made her before she was born. This picture is from last winter. The sweater still fits! woohoo! It’s a little short in the sleeves but the length in the torso is great. (I’d say that’s a tip for knitters. If you want to knit something that’ll last the baby. Knit a couple inches extra in the body, while keeping the sleeves the length of the pattern.)

2. Alpaca mittens. Truly warm and so cute. Made of the same yarn as the blue bonnet from last winter.

We also have the baby legs we got her last winter, too, which are great for the gap that emerges from the bottom of her pants to the top of her socks when in a carrier.

I’ll post pictures of knitted items soon. I’m working on the some cheery leg warmers (for me).



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