3D Animation of Childbirth

November 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

I stumbled upon this animated video of childbirth. It’s a good intro.

There are a bunch of videos of women giving birth on youtube. I didn’t watch many but if you’re interested, I’d recommend watching uncomplicated, natural births with very little intervention (none if possible). There’s one video where the laboring woman catches her own baby. Wow! And another where the father catches the baby. There’s another video or a hospital birth where the woman was on her back and you could tell she was purple pushing (being directed to push). You see the woman’s perineum being cut (episiotomy), and the baby coming out- or rather, being tugged out by the doctor (unnecessary if you’re not drugged during birth- the uterus is a very strong muscle). The baby is then put on a table and wiped dry (which is unnecessary). I just can’t get over how rough the doctor was; how cold his bedside manner was with this new baby. I know I’m no doctor seeing babies being born every day, but when I watch a video of a birth I naturally am prone to cry. That sort of sweet weeping that comes with seeing the wonders of birth.

With a little patience, and no/little intervention (if possible), I think the birthing of a baby can feel great. I know when bilingual baby came out (I mean after her whole body came out) I felt so relieved. Not because we were safe. It was a feeling of total body relaxation after the effort of getting a baby out. No wonder you start crying and laughing after birthing. It’s such a rush of emotions.

The pain of childbirth seemed manageable to me for a couple of reasons. For one, I knew there would be an end to it. I was in active labor for 6 hours. Some will say that this is better but imagine the speed at which my body went from contractions 10 minutes apart (at around 3am) to contractions 4-6 minutes apart only a couple of hours later. Second, I knew there was a purpose to the pain.

I think there’s more to childbirth than just outcomes. I don’t think we can be satisfied thinking that “at least you went home with a healthy baby”. It’s a rite of passage, and when it’s medicalized (or treated as a disorder that needs treatment) we miss out on the transition that leads us to motherhood. Now, I don’t think that women that have babies with drugs or intervention aren’t attentive mothers. I just think there’s more at stake.


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