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November 15, 2007 § 5 Comments

I speak to my daughter in Spanish while bilingual daddy speaks to her (mostly) in English; though she does hear each of us speak in the other language. If we have English-speaking family or friends over then she’ll hear me speak (mostly) in English. When we’re with our Spanish-speaking family and friends she’ll hear her dad speak more Spanish. There are some words that have already stuck in one language or the other. For instance, we use “Papi” instead of “Daddy”.

I know that every child is different and it doesn’t really matter when they start to talk or walk. I’m fine with the fact that bilingual baby isn’t walking a whole lot. I’m just glad that she has all this crawling time. It’s supposed to be good for the brain. I’m not worried about running after her (once she starts walking) because we’re already running after her.

How soon will she begin speaking? and What language will she speak first?  These questions are mostly conversation starters – I don’t really think they’re meant to be answered.  I’m curious, obviously, who wouldn’t be, but this is one aspect of our lives that I haven’t read up on.  I guess if I found the right article or book I might peruse it.  Till then…


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§ 5 Responses to our bilingual family

  • Stephanie says:

    Nice thoughts, Leila. I think she will be really great at both languages, no doubt, just as you are. It seems also that being exposed to two different languages growing up will most likely give her the ability to adapt to learning other new languages easily. She’ll definitely be a world citizen! Much love.

  • laylismama says:

    How lucky for her!!! She will have such advantages in life thanks to her bilingual parents!

  • +mojan. says:

    I’ve heard that bilingual children (or trilingual, etc.) tend to start talking later than children who speak just one language. But once they do start talking, watch out, world! They’re smart!

  • susan says:

    You are so SMART to not worry about when she will reach her milestones. Of course it will be in her own good time. I promise you one thing: you will be the first to understand what she is saying and then the two/three of you will develop a language that will be awesome — you will be a very valuable translator for months, probably even years!

  • evenshine says:

    The research is conflicted on whether bilingualism delays speech, but the dual-input she’s getting is great for brain elasticity! Since her primary input later will be English (as it must be if you plan on educating her here), you may want to focus more on Spanish at home. Glad I found you- looking forward to exploring your site!

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