EC coverage on Today Show

October 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yesterday morning, the Today Show aired a piece on EC. Here’s a comment from the big EC list since I didn’t get to see it:

Working with the mainstream national media is a very tricky and difficult
process. People work very hard to get correct information about the most
important aspects of EC ‘out there’, so people know there is another option
than just full-time diapering.

PR for Diaperfree Baby has come soooooooooooooo far over the years and has
been critical in turning public opinion, helping the term EC and the idea of
Infant Potty Training to be something *most* people have, at least, heard

I loved how positive Meredith was about the whole thing–she didn’t fall
into the side-chatter chuckling that the other hosts did, but seemed to want
to defend it. My favorite part was that right off the bat, it was stated
that this practice is not new!!! That has always been my biggest annoyance
with the media. πŸ™‚ And the AAP woman gave a decent description of ‘how it
works’ and did not condemn it as a practice–actually said it isn’t harmful!
There were ‘hints’ at the whole “guilt card” that people like to
play–[paraphrased] “as a ped, my concern is with all the other stresses you
have being a parent that this might push people over the edge.” But,
really, overall, I thought it was great. I wished it was longer. πŸ™‚

Someone else posted this link to Ask Moxie and what she has to say about EC.Β  I keep thinking that instead of telling people about EC I’d rather show them how it works. Otherwise it could come off as stressful and time consuming. If I thought that way, I’d also have to say that feeding a baby was stressful and time consuming.


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