Elimination Communication, Part II

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

…continued from yesterday. See my previous post to get the gist of what is Elimination Communication.

How did I start?

I remember noticing her cues before I knew that I could do something about them. I would ask bilingual daddy to change her diaper, telling him that I had the feeling she had peed. The first time he’d check it would be dry. He’d wrap her up in her diaper again. A couple of minutes later, I’d ask him to check again. He’d think I was crazy- he had just checked and it was dry. He’d check anyway and sure enough it would be wet. We’d do this to no end.

The afternoon after meeting the woman who EC’d her young daughter (see previous post) I tried to “catch” my daughter’s pee. I had noticed my daughter’s cues but wasn’t quite sure how to go about catching. So, the first couple of times I tried taking her nothing happened. Then, after checking out some ideas from different websites on EC (check out
my EC links) I had a couple of tips to try out. Being an in-arms baby at the time was perfect to start EC. When a baby is that close to you, it’s easier to notice their cues- be it hunger, sleep or a potty break.

When a baby is very young, the amount of time you have from their cue to actually going to the bathroom is short, and gets longer as they get older. So, even if I didn’t make it to the toilet I’d consider it a success because I had read her cue. I had to remind myself that EC is about communication and not just about the “catch”.

After a couple more tries, I got it! You’ve got to remember that you get pretty good at reading baby cues when they’re this little because they cue you all the time for their few needs (eating, sleeping, toileting). To help me build my confidence, I started a tally. For every success I had in reading her cues and making it to the toilet, I’d mark a tally on the refrigerator. After some time, I had 100 tally marks and was feeling pretty good about it. At one point, we were so happy we had two tally marks for taking her to the potty when we were out of the house.

How did I go out with an EC baby? Tomorrow read some things I learned during our golden period …


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