Finding another Happy Place

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I was slowly waking up one morning when I thought of another Happy Place of mine. All of a sudden, I felt open and ready for the world. This was another positive memory of camaraderie and female support.

I was doing a dance show at Cabrillo College (after I had already finished my undergrad in Dance) and during one of the tech rehearsals (which are known to bring out the worst in people) the stage manager yelled at me for no apparent reason. As I was walking away, like a deflated balloon, another dancer saw me and asked, “are you okay?” I said, “no”. She took one look at me and took me into the green room where she and a couple of other dancers proceeded to take care of me. They didn’t say much. One sprayed a mist of Ylang Ylang in front of me and then dabbed a little Vetiver on my wrists. I also got a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy under my tongue.

The women that surrounded me seemed to be breathing with me. Each breath calmed me down. The Vetiver grounded me and the Ylang Ylang helped me regain a positive outlook. These tinctures helped but what I think did the trick was having them around me. They held me as I cried and didn’t tell me it would be okay. All they were concerned with was that moment and being with me during that time. The past and future could be dealt with later. This dance was more beautiful than what the audience saw during our show.


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