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Last night, bilingual baby experienced her first Californian earthquake. It was a 5.6 on the Richter scale and it was centered in Alum Rock, not far from where we were. It wasn’t a long quake- short but strong. As it was starting, we slowly made our way to a door jamb to wait under it. After the rumble, we stood around and guessed what the magnitude had been. Good Californians that we were. How drôle to play a guessing game right after a 5.6 earthquake- the strongest since the big Loma Prieta quake in ’89. Here’s an article from the local paper on last night’s earthquake. People on the news were asking if this was a precursor of what’s to come. There’s a very small chance of that. Frankly, I didn’t think of that. Probably because I’ve been away for so long. Also, I figure I can’t do anything besides get under a door jamb and wait.

No damage was done here. I think 2-3 things fell and the cookbooks moved around inside the cupboard. Others closer to the epicenter did have minimal damage.

After it was over, we remembered a verse you can say when there’s a natural disaster. Here’s what the Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book) says:

On the appearance of fearful natural events call ye to mind the might and majesty of your Lord, He Who heareth and seeth all, and say “Dominion is God’s, the Lord of the seen and the unseen, the Lord of creation”.


Meeting a midwife

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This is not a post in which I tell you I’m pregnant with my second child- sorry. I met with a midwife to talk to her about starting a birth group. It started being a homebirth meeting, like the one we used to go to in Chicago, but after talking with some new friends at Friday’s MamaRama (where moms could sell and advertise their wares and services) I’m leaning towards having it be a birth group. This midwife was really helping me shape my hopes and intentions about this group. I’m still thinking about it all but I’ve got some more direction and focus. I’m trying to be inclusive but with a straightforward purpose.

My current thought on the group is that it would provide informed birth choices. Covering topics like epidurals and natural pain relief, doulas, c-section risks, etc and provide lists of reading material and websites for further investigation. It would touch on homebirth but that would not be the only birth option we cover, as there are 3 birthing centers (though more recently questionable) in the area alone. From talking with the midwife, I found that I was hoping to reach the women on the fringe who weren’t sold on their current options and were wondering what their options really were. This is my current target. Now, that might need to be focused even more but another question I have is, “How do I get them to come?” And how am I going to keep people coming…

This is all in the beginning stages but I want to start the group before the momentum is lost. There are a couple of doulas and pregnant women that would come already so I want to just go for it. I’ll probably get the hang of it as time wears on.

A comment this midwife made got me thinking. We were talking about telling a woman, “You can do it” when it came to trusting your body to birth a baby. She was telling me that a better thing to say (and this comes from working with women for over 22 years) in response to any worries about being able to have a baby would be to ask, “What do you mean?” For instance, if I went to her and said, “I just don’t think natural childbirth is for me.” Instead of saying, “of course you can birth a baby naturally”, she’d ask, “what do you mean?” and get more of a dialogue going. So that’s a place to start for me.

Honestly, though, it made me think that maybe this whole childbirth educator stuff wasn’t for me but now that a couple of days have gone by and I’ve got some perspective I’m still considering becoming a CE, I just need to adjust my attitude toward how I think I can help. So I’m new at this. It’ll take time so I need to really think about whether I’d like to take the time…

Cell phones are for making phone calls

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I’ve finally edited my parents phone numbers in my cell phone to Nonita and Nonito. My poor mum had been going by her first name (she knows it can be the way to get her attention in a crowded room). It used to draw attention that I was calling her by her first name but I had my reasons. (Don’t let your imagination go wild. I love my mother. It had to do with co-tutoring Ruhi courses, if you know what that means.)

So, from now on when we go to call them or are receiving a call from them, it’ll come up as Nonito and Nonita. The way it should be. 😉

Note: The area of Colombia that my dad is from uses these terms for grandparents and he wanted to be called that when my sister had her son over 3 years ago.

EC Class

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In November, I’ll be teaching a free Elimination Communication class at Bebop Baby Shop near where I live. It should be fun to talk EC with caregivers- I do hope more than just parents come. It’d be great to get a couple of grandparents and day care providers. We’ll see.

I’ll be taking some EC clothes (and clothes that make EC’ing easier) to show. One of them is the latest off my machine. EC pants. I got a pair for bilingual baby a number of months ago from MamaRoo. We did use them back when I’d leave bilingual baby diaper-free during the day. Recently, I’d been thinking about having EC pajama pants so that we could take her to the potty during the night (when she asked for it) but she doesn’t ask for it all the time. She’ll ask one out of two times. I still made the pants. They’re so comfy and soft. I’m also excited about the hem. I’ll post a picture at some point but I’ll just leave you with the thought of beautiful seams.

Nursing pictures

October 26, 2007 § 2 Comments

I have seen a number of pictures of babies and children breastfeeding and I have to say I love them. Even though I’m currently planning on extended nursing and doing a child-led weaning approach I feel like the nursing phase of our relationship will feel short lived. So, I’m trying to get photos of the two of us nursing. We’ve tried and it’s hard getting a shot of a wiggly baby doing her gymnastics and yogi poses while nursing on the sofa. It’s funny but difficult to get the shot. Oh yeah, and babies love grabbing at cameras so it gets funnier when you try to take a picture and she leans forward to try and grab the camera out of your hands. We have a couple of pictures and we’ll keep taking them so that I can remember.

I also learned at our local La Leche League meeting that children eventually forget how to nurse. They have “nursing pads” in their cheeks (that make them so edible) but once they lose them they don’t know how to nurse anymore. What’s great about breastfeeding (another great thing) is that the muscles they develop while nursing help them with speech development as well as toning and strengthening the facial muscles.


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My cousin was picked as one of the torchbearers for the Olympics in Beijing! What an honor! Go, Luis!

Thanks to those that voted for my cousin! (and for the comments)

Feeling tired?

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What if someone told you that (as long as you weren’t sick or in any other way ill) all you had to do was “fake it till you make it”? During the change of seasons, it’s common for folks to feel worn out. This is the season where things start to shift into a slower pace, less sun, more rain, trees and plants closing up shop for the winter… Gretchen at Happiness Project has vowed to stop saying that she’s tired. She feels that if she only would stop complaining she might make herself feel better. Changing your pace, on purpose, can make all the difference. You may have noticed a day when you felt tired and then all of a sudden you ran into a friend with whom you talked, laughed and just had a good time. As you walked away you thought to yourself, “hey, I feel pretty good now” only to slow yourself back into the lull of the “I’m tired” sequence.

I remember when I was pregnant my co-workers would ask me, “Are you tired?”, “How tired are you today?” and “How are you sleeping?” They wanted to know how awful I was feeling and truthfully I couldn’t have felt better. I started to notice that they really wanted to open up an “I’m tired” conversation and I just didn’t. That really got me focused on the energy I did have. Even in my last trimester, I recall having a good amount of energy. I wonder how much of that was positive thinking…

As you notice the patterns useful to you for regaining energy on a day when you feel you are so tired and nobody could possibly be more tired that you are, try applying the things you learn to wake yourself up and be happy. I know that sounds cliched but I’m finding with a baby who doesn’t have regular patterns of sleep that I need to stay as energetic and positive as possible, regardless of how much sleep I’m getting. Truthfully, it helps to chat with those people in my life that I feel positive around- it makes all the difference.

Oh. And check out the comments on Gretchen’s post. The readers over there have great ideas!

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