Sweet land of motherhood

September 27, 2007 § 2 Comments

An hour. We’d be out an hour. At most. But nobody would be around. No kids. No moms no dads. The children’s library would be deserted. No children for my daughter to play with. No moms to meet and chat with. No noise. Nothing. I head over to the old issues of Mothering magazine to see what I want to leave under my pillow for naptime reading. As I reach for an issue that promises a desperate solution to morning sickness, which I want to read to a friend, I notice a mom and her child playing by the window. I’ve never seen her before. I’ve never seen her daughter, who has to be the same age as mine. How can this be happening? Nobody ever comes to the library during universal nap time. The time between noon and 3 in the afternoon is when a lot of toddlers take their nap and this town is full of toddlers. Those of us with younger babies still quietly lay them down for 2 or 3 naps a day.

This mom and I get into talking. The regular chit chat that moms engage in when they first meet. In parenthesis I’d like to share with you what I think these questions translate to. Each question is returned by the answering mother. Reading body language helps decipher what each of us mean.

How old is your baby? (If they’re close in age, could we hang out?)

Where do you live? (If you don’t live too far, could we hang out?)

What’s your baby’s name? (I’m really interested in hanging out with you and I won’t forget your baby’s name. I promise.)

After we go through a mother’s repertoire of questions, the other mother invites us to her daughter’s birthday party, which requires us to give her our email. She also threw in that we could also get together besides the party. Woohoo! Houston, we’ve made contact!

You know, it’s the little things that get me now. I used to be much more outgoing than I am now, as you can tell by the things I think of when I’m going through the monotony of questions that we go through so we can step into the next phase of getting to know someone. Whenever I see a new mom with her little one (who could potentially be around my daughter’s age) I wonder if we could be friends. What’s great is that now that I’m a mom it doesn’t seem as important whether or not you get along great with the other mom. It’s nice if you do immediately but with a lot of these new frienships you grow on each other. It can just happen. From what I’ve seen you do sorta steer toward those moms who you *think* may parent similar to the way you do… but you don’t know. I mean, when you meet a mom at a La leche league meeting, you’re pretty sure they breastfeed. You could always miss out with this strategy. Anyway, what ends up being the most important thing is having some time for your child to play with another child.

We did it. We made another friend.


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