more babywearing coats- Updated 11/4/2011

September 21, 2007 § 4 Comments

Hi! Welcome to bilingual baby! I wrote this blog post over 4 years ago and every year, as Autumn starts to descend on the Northern Hemisphere, I reconnect with this entry and update all the links because it’s quite the popular piece. I’m so very glad this has been helpful to so many.

So, here you go. Updated with fresh links, corrected prices, and a couple of new additions. And don’t forget to check out the baby carrier I make on my facebook page. My carrier, the Podegi, can take you from the first days of your baby’s life through to 35lbs or as long as you can stand the weight. 🙂

Have fun wearing your kids!


Even though I’ve made a babywearing poncho, I’m still looking around for more options- either to buy or to try to make. I just know we’ll need more warmth. I also know a lot of us are looking so I’m trying to put some of these ideas on one page.

Little turtle knits offers a babywearing poncho pattern for $10. If you don’t knit, you can always checkout the Mamaponcho for a knit babywearing poncho.

Peekaru (formerly Nori) offers a fleece vest for about $80- a nice option for layering. I think it’s adorable.

Almost as pricey as the Mamaponcho is the Aiska Poncho, at $180 (when I originally wrote up this post). UPDATE 11/2011: The Aiska website says:

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver to North America due to liability reasons. If you have a company wanting to start distributing/wholesaling our whole range of products in larger scale, please contact us for closer discussions.

There’s also the new Suses Kindercoat, at $139. A 2 layer coat that sounds good for somewhat cold weather…but how cold?

Suses also has the Suses Kinder Babywearing Vest, at $65, which sounds like a good idea. This is one I ended up buying. I like it. I have to say, though, that the zipper is not the best zipper I’ve had on a jacket. I’ve replaced the zipper head and now I’ll have to repair the base as it’s falling apart. I do like it enough to replace these pieces.

The Ergo site has two new winter coats. The Winter Papoose Coat is currently $220 and looks like a winner, especially if you like to get out and walk in the middle of an icy/snowy/frigid winter. I know it’s expensive but you could probably resell it once your kids are done being worn all the time and want to walk more.

The Lighter Papoose Coat is $160. You could always layer this one on top of another coat or sweater or a combination thereof, but just be mindful of the amount of cold you want to walk around in.

There’s also the Mama Jacket Babywearing coat at $247. This is another beautiful coat. If I had known about it when I was pregnant with my first child and I knew I wanted to wear my kids for as long as I have, I would’ve made this investment. Remember, too, to consider the resale value. Plus, reselling it once you’re done, or passing it along to a new mom, is a great way to support them in their babywearing.

Oh, Etsy, how do I ❤ thee. For the sewing aficionados, you’ve got to see this babywearing coat and fleece sewing pattern. This coat is amazing:

You can also buy a ready made coat from the seller.

There’s also a fleece pullover on Etsy that is set at a reasonable $60. I can’t quite tell how it would work for back carries but for the front it looks pretty nice. I especially like babywearing coats that, like this one, has the neck of the wearer covered. I’d be curious to know if you can breastfeed while using this pullover.

That’s all for now. Do some more google searching. I missed a lot, I’m sure.


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