100 pages

September 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

In an earlier post, I admitted to reading 200 pages of a book I wasn’t that interested in. After these 200 pages, it got interesting. Very interesting. It just took that long for me to start clipping along. The next book in line for me to read as part of our book club was another Saramago treasure Ensayo sobre la lucidez (we already read Blindness and were looking forward to getting a copy). I just hit the 100th page. A the same time, my daughter started to wake up. It was starting to get good! Now, I’ve got something to look forward to reading during her next nap. I really looked forward to reading the book that took me 200 pages to get into and now am excited to be looking forward to reading page 101 of the new book (I’m sounding like Saramago).

Reading this book brings with it a level of excitement but being excited because I’m going to be reading an exciting book whose first 100 pages didn’t grab me is my biggest thrill. A little meta for your day.


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