Wonderful antidote

September 7, 2007 § 2 Comments

The other day while hanging out with a friend, her son (unintentionally) hit my daughter with a hurtful non-toy object and she got a little cut under her eye. She’s fine and was fine moments after the shock. No damage.

The first thing I asked my friend was, “What should I do?” Her son is older so I figured I could get a tip while we were at it. She suggested icing it. Well, icing works when all parties involved are willing and our daughter did not want an ice pack on her eye. I tried. My daughter seemed fine and ready to play again so I didn’t worry.

After they left, I realized I should put breast milk on the cut. Yes. Breast milk. This stuff is a cura todo. I tell my daughter that when she’s upset. It cures all. By the time my husband got home, it looked better – and we’re only talking about a couple of hours. Babies also heal at a remarkable rate. The point I’d like to make is that breast milk should be used as your first remedy for minor ailments.

Our doctors back in Chicago kept telling me to use it on everything. When she had a cold, they told me to squirt breast milk into her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. You can imagine that we ended up with a milky faced (more than usual) baby. But, she never stayed sick for more than a day or so.

What about a diaper rash, you ask?

You can also use breast milk on a diaper rash. It works amazingly well. Try it before you pull out store-bought creams. If that doesn’t work after a couple of days and the rash is red and raised, try a vinegar wash. To make it, fill a spray bottle almost to the top and pour in a tablespoon of vinegar. Swish it around and spray your baby’s bottom after every diaper change. Granted, if they’re teething, you may have a persistent rash like our daughter. There are so many variables. Whatever you do, don’t give your baby antibiotics unless you feel there is no alternative. Ask for more alternatives, too. Do what you think is best. It probably will be. Trust yourself.


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