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September 5, 2007 § 5 Comments

As my daughter nursed lying down next to me, I tried to nap but couldn’t. I didn’t feel like reading, even though the new Mothering magazine was hidden under my pillow waiting for me. I even had Ensayo sobre la lucidez within reach. Dare I break my daughters latch? Nah. She’d just root until she got what she obviously needed to nap. (I figure she’s going through a phase where she needs to nurse and suckle during her naps. So, I hide reading material to keep me from resenting that I can’t get up.)

This time, for some reason, I chose to go to my Happy Place. It didn’t exist until this moment when it just hit me that I could daydream while she napped. That’s something! I could be doing something! It would be something new for me, something I’d never done. It was great. Now, I’d like to share with you: My Happy Place.

My Happy Place is in the mountains, a couple of hours from where I grew up. We’d go there every December and spend a couple of weeks with our Baha’i friends – ustedes saben quienes son y los quiero mucho. The way I imagine it now is that we’re all lying in a row around where we’d have the last night bonfire. We’re looking up at the stars. We’re in the present. We’re not our younger selves. And we’re just lying there. Mind you, it’s not just the friends I had back then. My Happy Place has included our partners and children. I have my daughter tucked under my arm, as usual. Nobody is talking, but then again I just went to my happy place the other day. I haven’t been back. Yet.


Happy Place, meet my Reader. Reader, meet my Happy Place.

Do you have a Happy Place? Where is it? Who’s there?


§ 5 Responses to go to your happy place

  • Juliet says:

    I love your happy place so much I just forgot mine. Actually, I have different ones. Like driving down Lake Shore Drive in the springtime when all the dandelions are blooming and there’s a good song on the radio. Or lying in a sleeping bag, in a mattress, under the summer stars in the Colorado Rockies and the sky being just filthy with them – stars, that is. Or French Canyon in Starved Rock State Park. Very, very happy.

    I’m so glad you found a happy way to pass those otherwise dull moments when you are nursing through a nap. But don’t be afraid to try breaking the latch every so often. She might take it better than you think.

  • lacey says:

    My happy place is this field that used to be next to my parents’ house in Tennessee. The grass was tall, dry, and orange, and you seriously could run through it, fall, and be cushioned by all this lovely grass. So beautiful at sunset too, the color was just amazing.

    But I’m sure I’ll develop other happy places as time goes on. I love to daydream.

  • georgewesley says:

    With your permission I would like to excerpt from this post and link.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hey Leila – thanks for sharing your happy place. I guess my happy place always changes depending on what I want to happen with my life. Instead of thinking of things past, I guess I try to think of great things that I would like to happen, and the kind of joyful feeling I will have when those things do happen…Yay for happiness. I just started a blog and realized that I have never investigated yours. So I found ya! Ha. Love!

  • Leila's Twin says:

    What a happy place…one of my randomest memories of this happy place was when we were all running around (no me acuerdo porque) y Zorana ran straight into a bush that had sharp leaves. She ended up with tiny blood spots all over her front side from miniature cuts from the bush. It’s such a bizzare memory.
    Te quiero!

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